Best Local SEO Services in 2023

Growing your business with referrals and shared leads has its limits. For consistent growth and reliable income, you need a steady stream of quality leads. SEO leads remain the most cost-effective and highest quality.

At Clicks On Demand, we’ve supported local businesses like yours for over 12 years. Trust us to offer unmatched value in lead generation. Let us boost your growth with exclusive, qualified LEADS.

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Become a Local Leader with Our Expert Local SEO & Lead Generation Services

Direct, Exclusive Leads

With Clicks On Demand, your potential clients reach out only to you, not your competitors. Say goodbye to shared leads from platforms like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack.

Immediate, Live Calls

Just pick up your phone! We make sure you're seen as a top expert in your area. Customers find you and call directly, and only you.

Quality Leads, Affordable Price

Our exclusive leads are not just cost-effective; they're high-quality. With motivated clients, you'll experience impressive closing rates. We promise the best prices for live, exclusive leads.

Clicks On Demand Handle Everything For Your

The digital landscape is constantly changing, but we've got you covered. Clicks On Demand constantly adapts to Google's updates, maintains your site, tracks your online reputation, and much more. You just focus on serving your new clients.

Need Pricing Details? Check out our local SEO service plans!

Every location is as unique as your business. At Clicks On Demand, while we have ready-made SEO plans, we prioritize creating tailored strategies for you. With over 12 years in the game, we know a custom plan aligned with your goals delivers the best results. See pricing options below!


Starting at

$425 / month

How we determine pricing
  1. Listen to Your Goals: We start by understanding your short-term and long-term ambitions. This helps us craft an SEO plan tailored to your aspirations.

  2. Understand Your Market: By diving deep into your competition and specific search landscape, we pinpoint the ideal action plan for you.

  3. Align with Your Strategy: Whether you’re ramping up content production or launching a new product, we ensure our plan fits snugly with your strategic milestones.

Always included

Automatic citation management Data-backed optimization ideas Engaging copy written by industry experts Expertise of a 500+ digital strategy team Full-funnel ROI tracking Phone, lead, and revenue tracking

Free up your time and focus on what you do best.

— Growing your business

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Stop Wasting Time on Dead-End Leads

Quality Leads & Bookings:

Get leads that are a good fit for your business and that are ready to buy. Built for contractors: We love small businesses.

Proven and scalable:

Grow your business at any stage and scale to fit your budget.

Track leads like a pros:

with daily reports that makes it easy to track your leads and see how they’re performing.

Scalable to fit your budget:

Pay only for the services you need. No contracts: Try our services without any risk.

Thumbtack & Other agency

  • Overpriced low quality leads
  • Junk & Spam
  • Zero Transparency
  • Contracts

What Does the 99 Calls Program Include?

  • A proven system that produces exclusive, live, inbound LEADS
  • Organic SEO to attract the right customers  
  • Super fast, mobile-optimized lead-generating site
  • Top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches
  • Dozens of important directory listings are built and managed  
  • Free monthly reporting – always know your ROI
  • Facebook & Google My Business creation and management
  • Promotion of special offers and incentives for your prospects
  • Reputation Management included
  • The ONLY lead source that GUARANTEES LEADS, or you don’t pay.

99 Calls Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start getting leads?”

Customers on our Organic Lead Generation Program average 0-3 leads per month during the first three months. This is perfectly normal and even expected. It takes time for sites to rank highly and for leads to start coming in. Google has made it harder to rank online, but your patience will pay!


“How many leads will I get?”

Full participants in the program average 60 +/- qualified leads in their first 10 months and can expect 200-300 +/- leads in their second and third years. The longer you are on the system and the more you participate, the higher your lead volume will be.


“What can I do to get more leads?”

Allowing 99 Calls to build and manage your online listings and sending photos and testimonials of your work on a regular basis will get and keep your site highly-ranking and will yield higher lead volumes. 99 Calls works diligently behind the scenes to complete site verifications, add links and update content on a regular basis for optimal performance.

How to Get Leads Faster

Although SEO leads are high quality and inexpensive, it takes many months to build a stream of inbound leads. It is a highly effective long-term business growth tool but should be used in conjunction with other more aggressive lead generation services such as Google Ads PPC campaigns, email nurturing, and database reactivation. 99 Calls offers the full range of complete lead management services to help your business continue to grow and succeed.